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This Weeks Photos – 14/10/2022

I thought I might post the photos that I take each week, because I take so many photos. The reason that I take photos is so that I have memories to look back on later on. Anyway I have been a bit more active this week as my pain levels have been a lot lower…

Norty’s Favourite True Crime Documentaries

I love true crime hence why I am about to begin studying criminology. So here are my top 10 true crime documentaries with a small review. What is your favourite true crime documentary if you have one? Have you watched any that I have listed here? Is there any true crime documentaries that you have…

Think About You – Kmart Journal Entry

Why do you matter? How do you feel right now? Are you kind enough to yourself? Do you make time for yourself? How can you do better (for you)? Do you like yourself? I don’t think that I truly matter at all too many people. I have always felt that I am not a priority…


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About Me

Hi, I’m The Norty Borderline. I’m a single woman living in Queensland, Australia. I am the proud mother of a twenty-something daughter and also proud fur mum. I have been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, along with a couple of other disorders as well. I am also a first year criminology student. I look forward to taking you on my journey, that I call my life.

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